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Gun Violence Prevention Programs & Legislation

Program – Books Not Bullets

Keep Guns Out of Schools. Your school board needs to hear from you. It is legal for them to arm teachers without telling you.


Did you know your local school board has the authority to secretly arm teachers? That’s right. They can authorize teachers to carry weapons, but don’t have to tell you about it. Some school districts have already acted in misguided attempt to “protect” students by arming teachers.


Who is behind this? The gun lobby and their allied groups are working to influence decision makers in school districts across Ohio. The gun manufacturers they represent want more people armed, even if that means introducing their deadly weapons into our schools.


Are there alternatives to arming teachers? School shootings are unimaginable tragedies, but they are still statistically very rare.  In fact, our children are safer at school than they are at home in regards to gun violence.  If our school districts want to protect our kids from gun violence, we recommend they focus on prevention. Our schools should remind adults to keep guns unloaded, locked up, and stored away from our youth. In the majority of school shootings, the shooter got the weapon from their home or the home of a family member.


What can I do? Your voice can make a difference. Attend your local school board meeting and let them know you don’t support guns in schools!

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Status  Reports      8/11/2023

Ohio House Committees

Ohio Senate Committees



Sponsor: Sen. Chris Murphy (D) CT; (Senate Judiciary Committee)



135th General Assembly 2023-2024 Ohio Legislation


Bills that will reduce gun violence:

HB 62 Limit the Locations at Which a Person has No Duty to Retreat
Sponsor: Rep. Humphrey, Co-Sponsors: Abdullahi, Brent, Brown, Forhan, Grim, Issacsohn, Miller, Miranda, Russo Skindell, Somani, Upchurch, Weinstein   (House Government Oversight Committee)

SB 78   Restore Local Authority to Regulate Firearms-Related Conduct
Sponsors: Senators Craig & Ingram, Co-sponsors:  Antonio, DeMora, Hicks-Hudson, Smith, Sykes (Senate Veterans and Public Safety Committee)

HB 170  ERPO   Extreme Risk Protection Order – to allow family members, household members, and law enforcement officers to obtain a court order that temporarily restricts a person’s access to firearms if that person poses a danger to themselves or others       Sponsors:  Representatives Grim and Thomas, Co-sponsors: Representatives Abdullahi, Baker, Brennan, Brent, Brewer, Brown, Forhan, Galonski, Isaacsohn, Lightbody, Liston, McNally, Miller, A., Miller, J., Miranda, Mohamed, Robinson, Russo, Skindell, Sweeney, Upchurch, Weinstein  (House Government Oversight Committee)

HB 175  Required secure storage of a firearm   Sponsors: Representatives Miranda and Brewer  Co-Sponsors:  (Baker, Brennan, Brown, Forhan, Grim, Lightbody, McNally, Robinson, Somani, Thomas, Upchurch, Weinstein.  (Government Oversight)

HB 186  Exempt sales of firearm safety devices from sales and use tax  Sponsors: Brewer and Brennan  Co-Sponsors: Baker, Dell’Aquila, Forham. Grim, McNally, Rogers, Thomas   (House Ways and Means Committee)

HB 217  Require trigger locks be attached, & provided with firearms sales  Sponsors: Somani and Thomas,  Co-Sponsors:  Baker, Blackshear, Brent, Brewer, Brown, Forham, Grim, McNally, Miranda, Mohamed, Russo, Skindell, Troy ( House Government Oversight Committee)

HB 218 Restore local authority to generally regulate firearm conduct  Sponsors: Brewer and Upchurch,  Co-sponsors: Brennan, Brent, Brown, Forham, Grim, McNally, Miranda, Robinson, Russo, Skindell, Somani, Thomas, Weinstein  (House Government Oversight Committee) 


Bills that would increase gun access, use, secrecy or prohibit enforcement:

SB 32 Grant Immunity for Self or Other Defense in Certain Circumstances
Sponsor: Senator Tim Schaffer  (Senate Judiciary Committee)

HB 51 Enact the Second Amendment Preservation Act
Sponsors: Representatives Loychik  &  Schmidt   (House Government Oversight Committee)

SB 58 Prohibit Requiring Firearms Liability Insurance or Certain Fees
Sponsors: Senators Johnson & Gavarone  (Senate Veterans and Public Safety Committee)

SB 124   Exempt from taxation the sale of certain firearms and ammunition, and ammunition and  authorize nonrefundable tax credits for small arms and ammunition manufacturers   Sponsors: Senators Tim Schaffer &  Antani   (Senate Ways and Means Committee)

HB 189  Exempt from taxation the sale of certain firearms and ammunition and authorize nonrefundable tax credits for small arms and ammunition manufacturers  Sponsor: Cutrena, Co-Sponsors Barhorst, Dean, Gross, Johnson, Loychik, Manchester, Miller, Stoltzfus, Wiggam Williams   ( House Ways and Means Committee)

Media, requests for speakers and interviews should be addressed to:
Ohio Council of Churches
125 East Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215


Ohio Council Of Churches Says NO to S.B. 215

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