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Gun Violence Prevention

The Ohio Council of Churches Strongly Opposes HB 51

The Ohio Council of Churches strongly opposes HB 51, “The 2ND Amendment Preservation Act.“ This bill, if enacted, would immediately be challenged as unconstitutional, because it would reject any past, present, or future Federal firearms regulations that Ohio deems to be in violation of Ohio citizens' rights to keep and bear arms.


Secondly, it would allow an abuser convicted of domestic violence, or under a restraining order, to be deemed a “Qualifying Adult,” who could carry a concealed firearm without a permit. ORC SEC. 2923.111(A)(2)(B).


Third, it would expose Ohio political subdivisions, who employ law enforcement officers, to civil suit and fines of $50,000 per incident for attempting to enforce Federal gun regulations in Ohio.


Fourth, it will fuel anti-government sentiment and encourage violence.


The bill is currently in a House Committee. We encourage people of faith and goodwill to call their state representatives and ask them to oppose this bill. Use this link to find your state representative:


Despite Ohio’s gun homicide rate increasing 94% over the last decade, our lawmakers passed a dangerous Shoot First law, and eliminated the requirement that a person get a permit and safety training before carrying a concealed gun in public. Lawmakers also passed a dangerous law which allows K-12 schools to arm teachers. “We are hopeful that our elected officials will listen to the majority of our church members who believe in common sense gun safety like safe storage, background checks, and Extreme Risk Laws,” stated the Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr., executive director of the Ohio Council of Churches.

Gun Violence Prevention is an emerging priority of the Ohio Council of Churches. The OCC has collaborated with the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, OCAGV, to continue the effort to change the Culture of Violence. To better equip your congregation or organization with gun violence prevention information, strategies and action steps, visit the following online resources.
For additional information, phone 614.372.8010 or email OCC staff at

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