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The Ohio Council of Churches is not just a governing board or a staff configuration.  It is a movement of Christians who bear witness to the unity of Christ’s church while joyfully, humbly, and intentionally working to  carry out his agenda of love, justice, and peace in the world.  By God’s grace, we work to:

  • Strengthen the bonds of Christian unity between churches and church leaders, while deepening relationships with friends of other faiths and civic organizations, and people of goodwill

  • Articulate God’s vision of human flourishing,  as we work for its fruition through detecting, disrupting, and dismantling racism and white supremacy

  • Share God’s oppression-canceling love for humanity through working for social justice, the end of the death penalty, and the eradication of poverty

You may view details of our work by opening the following links:

Equipped with an ever-growing array of committed, talented, and visionary volunteers, the Ohio Council of Churches is poised to offer timely, relevant, innovative, and hopeful ministries and services to and with people of Ohio and beyond.

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