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Intersect Webinar: A Woman's Place: Leadership in Social Justice

In this final session of our Intersect webinar series, we had a conversation with women on leadership and social transformation. Panelists include:

Rev. Aundreia Alexander, Esq., Associate General Secretary, Action and Advocacy for Justice and Peace, National Council of Churches; Rev. Dr. Valerie Bridgeman, Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Homiletics and Hebrew Bible, Methodist Theological School in Ohio; and Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith, Pastor and Founder, Crazy Faith Ministries.

Intersect Webinar: Bring the Power Back to the People: Map Drawing and Redistricting Reform

Intersect is the Ohio Council of Churches' webinar series which explores the intersectionality between faith, policy and racism. The Ohio Redistricting Commission is held its first hearing on Friday, August 6th. In a session moderated by Jen Miller, Executive Director for the Ohio League of Women Voters, join the Ohio Council of Churches for a panel discussion on the redistricting process, the impact of gerrymandering on our communities, and how faith communities can engage in the process. Panelists include:

The Reverend Dr. Liz Theoharis, Co-Chair of The Poor People's Campaign, Alora Thomas-Lundborg, Senior Staff Attorney, Voting Rights Project, at ACLU and Jamal Watkins, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Advancement Strategy of the NAACP. 

Ohio Faith Leaders Zoom

The number of Ohioans receiving an eviction notice plummeted when the pandemic started, but new filings have increased and advocates are bracing for a rise in eviction cases since the national eviction moratorium expired recently. Gina Wilt is Advocacy Director for COHHIO. She will be joined by her colleague Ken Williamson who will share information on Emergency Rental Assistance.

2021 Day of Public Witness

Sponsored by The Ohio Council of Churches and the Hunger Network in Ohio:

Budgets are moral documents that establish Ohio's priorities for the next two years. Participants learned about what is in the budget to address poverty, inequality, and hunger in our communities. With remarks from the Reverend Michael Curry, presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and the Reverend Elizabeth Eaton, presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, participants were inspired to speak truth to power. 

Ohio Faith Leaders Zoom

A Discussion on the Hate Murders in Atlanta featuring Rev. Adam Sornchai, Pastor, St. John Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Cardington, Ohio

Our nation continues to reel from the unspeakably horrific murders of eight people, including six Asian women, in Atlanta. While officials have yet to identify these killings as hate crimes, they certainly look and feel like actions rooted in hate against Asians. Today, we will talk about increasing acts and reports of violence, intimidation, and scapegoating of Asians in the United States.

Ohio Faith Leaders Zoom

featuring Police Murder Victim Family Members

The Ohio Council of Churches invites faith leaders to an hour of networking, resourcing, and prayer.


We’ve seen the news reports. We’ve voiced our outrage. We’ve demanded justice and change. These are the steps people of faith and goodwill have taken in response to officer-involved killings of unarmed black and brown bodies. We now turn our attention to the families of those unjustly killed by law enforcement personnel. What challenges do they face? What are their needs?

The Ohio Council of Churches explored these questions as mothers whose children were unjustly killed by the police tell their stories and teach faith communities on the constructive roles they can play when unjust officer-involved fatalities occur.

In Preparation of Advocacy Day 2021

In Partnership with the Hunger Network of Ohio

On February 18, 2021 OCC and HNO hosted a training on the state budget process facilitated by Deacon Nick Bates, director of Hunger Network of Ohio, a veteran advocate whose training aimed to elevate your skills in advancing the issues you most care about.

The 54th Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Review

Building Relationships with People in Rural and Urban Settings

Very often, political proceedings present people in rural and urban settings as opponents who compete with each other for state and national influence. While their contexts are different, people in rural and urban confront many of the same issues. Can collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships be forged between people in both settings? Let’s talk!

Panelists include:

  • The Rev. Dr. Robin E. Hedgeman, Senior Pastor, Bethany Christian Church (Disciples of Church), Cleveland, Ohio;

  • The Rev. Dr. Craig Klein, Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Chillicothe, Ohio; and

  • The Rev. Adam B. Sornchai, Pastor, St. John Lutheran Church, Cardington, Ohio.

Young Adults and the Future of Ecumenism

Generational leadership shifts are occurring in all organizations and movements. These shifts include the ecumenical movement. What values and structures do young adult ecumenists believe they inherited from previous generations of Christian Unity leaders? Are those values and structures sill relevant? What does the future of the ecumenical movement look like, and how are young adults shaping it?

Speakers include:

• The Rev. Xavier L. Johnson, D. Min, Pastor, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Dayton, Ohio;

• The Rev. Jeffrey Bergeson, Pastor, Unity Presbyterian Church, Cambridge, Ohio; and

• The Rev. Allison LeBrun, Pastor, Vermillion Grace United Methodist Church.

Is White Privilege Real? Series

A three-part series, the Ohio Council of Churches Anti-Racist team with facilitators from Weavers, Sisters of Precious Blood and GDCC hosts an interactive discussion on race relations in America. This safe environment helped to determine if white privilege is real and if so, to discuss ways our churches and congregants can start the work on anti-racism.

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