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Earth Day & East Palestine, Ohio

March 24, 2023


Undoubtedly you have been following the media coverage of the February 3 train wreck and resulting chemical disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.

We are coming together from various faith traditions and denominations from throughout the state. On Earth Day Weekend, April 22-23, we will devote ourselves to becoming further informed on the situation in East Palestine, and then we will move to prayer, reflection, and action.

The actions will include donating money, food, water and other supplies as well as services that East Palestinians may need. We also will be mobilizing our congregations to do all they can to help prevent more disasters. We clearly understand that what happened in East Palestine can happen anywhere – in any town or city that has rail lines running through it or near it.

Our campaign seeks better safety measures for freight rail and the diligent enforcement of safety rules. We encourage our congregations to communicate with state and local officials and legislators to take the actions needed and make the necessary reforms. This includes readjusting mindsets to put people ahead of corporate profits.

SATURDAY, EARTH DAY: APRIL 22. We invite clergy and lay leaders and environmental advocates to participate in our webinar on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22 to get the latest information on the situation in East Palestine and to discuss actions we can take going forward to aid East Palestinians and to bring about the reforms needed to keep our communities safe.

Overview & Update WEBINAR - Saturday April 22, 3 pm: REGISTER

SUNDAY, EARTH DAY + 1: APRIL 23. We invite congregations of all religious persuasions to devote all or part of their worship services to a focus on East Palestine in the form of Prayer, Reflection, and a Call to Action. We will supply suggestions for these and/or you can construct your own. We will be conveying to you vetted charities that are benefitting East Palestine, and we will inform you about collection efforts of material goods for folks in East Palestine. We will also provide a list of suggested actions members of your congregation can take to help bring about needed safety reforms.

Click JOIN below for your Congregation to participate in the Sunday of Prayer, Reflection, & Call to Action on April 23: JOIN

Margaret R. Mills, President, FaCT Board The Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr., OCC Director

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