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Dear Friend of Unity, Justice, and Peace,

On Giving Tuesday, a day of gratitude and generosity, I invite you to invest in the Ohio Council of Churches!

The OCC brings together 18 Christian denominations as a Jesus Christ movement for unity, justice, and peace.

Through the OCC, Christian denominations share faith, grow closer to each other, and enable ministries that radiate God's hope-giving, justice-inspiring love made known through Jesus Christ, who came to give abundant life to all (John 10). Here are some of our areas of impact and influence:

We are working to end executions;

We are advocates for mental health care and treatment;

We support honesty in education;

We call for the end of assault rifle sales;

We advocate peacemaking and nonviolence as life-giving alternatives to all forms of violence, especially those involving guns and

We call for fairness in elections and the protection of voting rights

Throughout all of our work, the operative word is "we". Our member churches know they can do far more with partners than they could ever do alone. Each of our ministry areas benefits from sharing vision and values and working with others.

As the OCC's Executive Director, I ask that you take a moment to express support for our work by making a financial contribution. Your gift of $3, $13, $103, or $1030 will serve as your investment in the OCC and in the essential elements of hope, peace, justice, and human flourishing, as woven together by the strong thread of love. Please use the link below to send us your financial gift.

Thank you for your Giving Tuesday generosity. It is our pleasure to be a unity, justice, and peace partner with you. May God be with you, your family, and all with whom you serve.

With Hope,


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