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Celebrate the Ohio Council of Churches' 104th Birthday!

Dear Friend of Unity, Justice, and Peace,

I am Rev. Jack Sullivan, Jr., Executive Director of the Ohio Council of Churches. Since October 1919, the OCC has brought Ohio Christians together as a visible sign of the unity of Christ’s church. I write to invite you to celebrate the Ohio Council of Churches’ 104th birthday!

While strengthening the relationships between churches, the OCC has been a consistent source of love-infused social justice leadership. Please consider our ministries:

*Anti-Racism - Anti-Racism helps congregations share God’s vision of a world free of racism;

*Mental Health - We work to erase mental illness stigmas by building bridges at the intersection of faith and mental health care;

*Death Penalty Abolition – Championing human dignity and non-lethal forms of accountability, we speak in support of legislation aimed at ending executions;

*Honesty in Ohio Education - We honor and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in Ohio’s schools and universities;

*Voting Rights - Our pro-democracy and anti-racism vision fuels our demand for fair legislative maps and for the removal of all policies that make it difficult for people to cast their votes; and

*Gun Violence Prevention - We call for common sense gun laws, including universal background checks, the cessation of assault rifle sales, and the safe storage of firearms. A new congregation-based nonviolence initiative will soon be launched!

Through these ministries, the OCC is offering distinctively Christian leadership delivered through ecumenical, interfaith, and civic partnerships.

As I know you value our impactful ministries, I ask that you celebrate the Council’s 104th birthday in two ways:

1. Promote the Council’s ministries in your place of worship and beyond.

2. Make a special gift to the Council of $104.

Your tax-deductible financial gift of $104 will help celebrate our meaningful past while ensuring the continuation of the Council’s authentic Christian voice and witness in Ohio.

If ever there were a time for a Christian voice for unity, justice, and peace, this is it. Please support the ministry of the Ohio Council of Churches through a special birthday gift of $104. (Ohio Council of Churches Donation Form ( Your generosity will be deeply appreciated.

With Hope,


The Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr.

Executive Director, The Ohio Council of Churches

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