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Anti-Racism Resources

Conversation Starters

Most book authors have lists of podcasts, etc. on their websites. Most are free, especially for charitable uses. Conversations can be started by any of the resources listed in this document. Documentary Films, YouTube presentations, daily news accounts, letters or personal statements all provide a starting place. Its best to have a plan for following starters with continuing sermons, study groups, and action plans, else efforts for eradicating systemic racism or white privilege will lose momentum.


Articles and Essays by Coates



Almost all authors listed in the For Reading for Watching page have live broadcasts on one or several online sources. Simply search by title or subject on your browser and you will find an enormous supply of material. Most of it is free and freely available.

This list is growing rapidly on an hourly basis. Please notify of any you find especially valuable. This is also a topic which will attract much false or misleading material designed to cloud or distort the issue while dividing the American public. Notify us of any that you encounter.


New York Times 1619 Project








  • Anti-racism Resources from The United Methodist Church:

    • Rev. April Casperson works for the West Ohio Annual Conference of the UMC and is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion.  She works directly with UMC congregations on issues of race, equity, etc.  Her email is: or


  • Anti-racism Resources and Statements from The United Methodist Church:













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